eBay Stealth Guide

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Its absolutely crucial to follow these steps if you want your account to survive.
If you don't follow this advice, you will most likely get suspended or limited.

We're going to make this short and simple so you have time to go through it multiple times to make sure you follow it 100% correctly. Its in our best interest to ensure you have a stable account that will last you a life time. Follow these steps, don't skip any of them and you are guaranteed to not have any issues with eBay or PayPal.

If you can understand WHY eBay and PayPal suspends and limits accounts, you will know exactly what to do and what not to do on eBay and PayPal. By knowing this information we're about to tell you, you'll be free to expand your business, increase sales and develop more and more stealth accounts. The sellers on eBay that are making thousands and millions of dollars every year already know this information. They follow these same guidelines and never get their accounts limited or suspended. Take a moment and get educated, this information is absolutely priceless and can net you a lot of business.

We want to teach you in simple terms what eBay and PayPal looks for so you can avoid doing those things and getting caught.

Part 1: Understanding eBay and PayPal

eBay and PayPal work mostly automated. That means no human is actually looking at your account. Now if you do certain things that trigger eBay or PayPal, your account gets flagged and then a human reviews the account. Now if a human reviews the account, chances are you'll run into issues and possibly get suspended or limited. Lucky for you, we know exactly what triggers eBay and PayPal. This is why its important to follow these guidelines. You'll stay under the radar and no one will bother you.

When you receive your account information, you'll get an email and a password. When you log into that email address, it will be the first time your IP address has ever logged into the email account. You have no previous log in attempts, history or any connection to the email address. So what typically happens, and you've probably experienced this before when trying to log into your email address from another computer in a different location is, you'll be asked a security question or blocked out unless you confirm something. This happens because your email address has security features enabled that will get triggered if someone else tries to log into your account from a different location, with no previous history on their computer of login into that email address.

Does that make sense?

Its done to protect your email address in case someone steals your information or password and is trying to log in from a different location. Your email will get triggered and then block the person from being able to log in.

eBay and PayPal are the exact same way!

When you log into your new eBay and PayPal account for the first time, you'll be login in from a different IP (location) and no previous history on your computer of ever login into the account. From eBay and PayPals perspective, you could have stolen someones account. We know that is not the case because the information we provide is entirely fictional, but eBay and PayPal does not know that, so its absolutely necessary to build trust. Trust is built by building up cookies, which is another word for building history on the eBay and PayPal account on your specific browser.

Part 2: Setting up your computer and internet for your new account

If you've been suspended or limited before, whatever information you used on those accounts is now blacklisted. If you use ANY of the previous suspended information, internet connection, phone number, bank account, address, even the same images from a banned account on your new account, you'll get linked and the accounts will get suspended. Every single detail must be unique. Our accounts will include all new fictional unique information, so all you have to provide on your end is the following:

  1. New IP address (internet connection never used on eBay and PayPal)
    • The easiest way to setup a new IP address with your home internet connection is by going here and making sure to get a Guaranteed Fresh IP: https://m.24vc.com/aff.php?aff=143
    • They are very friendly there and will guide you through the entire process of setting it up if you're confused. Just sign up and open a ticket for support.
    • Another solution is getting a new home internet provider.
    • You can also purchase a mobile hotspot from any provider in your area (tmobile, verizon, at&t, virgin etc). But if you plan on operating multiple eBay accounts, you'll need to keep track of what IP each account logs in with by using an excel sheet and keeping very accurate track. You would need to visit www.ipchicken.com every time to make sure you don't log into an account with an IP address used on another account. Never use the same IP on multiple accounts otherwise its an easy link to multiple accounts and they will get suspended.
    • Always confirm your IP address is correct before accessing eBay or PayPal. Do not just connect to the new IP or VPN and assume it works. Always check the IP before accessing eBay or PayPal. Always.
  2. New User account (add user account on windows)
    • You'll want to start fresh on your computer or laptop. Create a new user account and this new user account will be how you access your new eBay and PayPal account. Never delete browsing history in this user account.
  3. Firefox Portable internet browser (download free online)
    • Once you're in your newly created user account, and you have your new IP address never used on eBay or PayPal, you're ready to download firefox portable. Go to google and type in firefox portable, you'll see a download available. Install it to your desktop and you'll see a folder pop up. That is the browser you'll access your eBay and PayPal account and nothing else. Don't browse with it. Don't log into your eBay or PayPal account from another computer, or another user name. Everything must stay contained within this new browser. Again, NEVER delete browsing history, cache or cookies. You want history. History is a good thing.
  4. Bank Account to add to PayPal for withdrawing money (never used before on PayPal)
    1. Any bank account will work and the name on the account does not have to match the name on the bank account. PayPal cannot see the name on the account when you make withdrawals from PayPal to bank account. So keep the same stealth information on the account, and simply just add the new routing and account number to withdraw money. Never load money onto your PayPal account from your bank account otherwise PayPal will see the mismatching names and suspend your account instantly.

Part 3: Getting started with your new eBay and PayPal account

You should be in a new user account, with a new IP in your new firefox portable browser at this point. Good. Now log into your new PayPal for the first time and confirm your email address. Once confirmed, then add a new phone number that you have ever used before on PayPal or eBay that you will have access to for receiving calls and SMS. You can either buy a prepaid phone locally for cheap  and make sure you always have minutes on it, or you can add a free google voice # by going to voice.google.com and setting it up to forward to your cell phone. Just make absolute sure that it stays active as sometimes PayPal will have you confirm a SMS text before being able to withdraw money for the first time. You'll want to add this new phone # to eBay as well because they sometimes will have automatic calls made to the # to make sure the number is still active. So its absolutely vital to have a working number added to PayPal and eBay as soon as possible.

Once you've got the new number added on eBay and PayPal, then the final important step is to add your bank account and confirm it with the micro deposits. The 2 micro deposits will take a couple business days to show up, but once they do, go back to PayPal and confirm the 2 micro deposit amounts. Make sure this bank account has never been used with PayPal before. Use the name of the stealth account for name, and just input your routing and account number.

Once you've confirmed your bank account with the 2 micro deposits, log into eBay for the first time and click on listings randomly, click on other sellers, add stuff to your wish list, add stuff to your shopping cart, add stuff to your watch list, add stuff to your collection, bid on an item that you have no chance of winning. Do random stuff and just pretend like you're on eBay for the first time in your life. This is how you build cookies on your computer.

You need to do this for at least the first 2 weeks (14 days).

This is all that "history and cache" in your browser that saves your information the next time you visit a webpage. Never delete or clear the history / cache on your browser otherwise you'll have to start building trust all over gain. The more cookies you have, the more history you build up, the more eBay will trust you and the less likely you'll ever have problems.

Think about it. If you've never logged into this account and you're signing in from a different location and list brand new branded shoes right from the start, you are EXTREMELY high risk in the eyes of eBay. When you do stuff like this, automatic triggers will happen and your account will get reviewed and chances are you'll get limited or suspended.

The idea is to start slow. Pretend like you're new to eBay. Don't rush things! Follow these steps to build the foundation of a strong account and you'll be able to sell high volume in no time with absolutely no issues.

Warning: Do not change any account information (email, mailing address, ID, passwords etc) for at least the first 30 days. You need to establish trust before you can change these details. Otherwise you're asking for trouble.

Part 4: Listing your first item for sale

Okay. You've been very patient and have browsed eBay for 2 weeks and have built great cookies. Its time to list your first item for sale.

You're in your new user account, and you have your new IP still. Through your new Firefox browser, go to google and type batch purifier. You'll see a home page and a download you'll be able to get for free. Install it. This program will clean all the images BEFORE you upload them to eBay and PayPal. Pictures must be in jpg format and this program will strip away all tracing elements of where the pictures were taken, what device took the picture, as well as many other forms of data normally saved in images. Its absolutely crucial to clean images before uploading to eBay or PayPal to avoid linking images to a previous account of yours.

Okay, you got the program installed to clean images and now you're ready to list your first item for sale. Your first item for sale will ALWAYS need to be a low risk and low value item. Any used tshirts, socks, accessories, random toy, random book. Anything random that is sitting around your house that you think someone will buy for cheap (even as low as $1). Take a picture of it yourself and don't forget to clean the image with batch purifier before you upload it to eBay. Never use other listing images, or stock images from google. You can even take a loss on whatever random item you're trying to sell, you're just doing this to get your first few sales and to show eBay that you're low risk. You can sell anything at this point that is low risk. Used books are great for this. Sell your old textbooks that are collecting dust for a few dollars even if they're worth $10. You'll get a buyer that leaves you great feedback because they got a great deal. Do this for the entire 3rd and 4th week of having the account. Start with 1 listing, wait a day and list 2 more, wait a few more days and list 5 more etc. Don't list 3+ quantities of any single item for at least the first 30 days of active selling history. You need to be listing unique single low-risk, low-valued items for the 3rd and 4th week. The point of this is to show eBay you're a safe person, while simultaneously accepting your first few payments on PayPal. Always advertise accurate conditions of the product you're selling and always ship fast and keep good customer service. Keeping happy customers is the 2nd most important thing (avoiding automatic eBay and PayPal bots/reviews is first) of having a strong eBay account. Customers just want to be treated right and they want good deals. That's all it takes to keep customers happy. Ship fast, and always respond fast and friendly to any questions.

If you've gone this far and followed our advice you'll have a very stable and solid account by the 30th day. Try to keep the low-risk, low-value sales for as long as you can. Continue selling them for the life of the account if you can in between your other products for sale.

By the 6th week, you can now slowly start introducing the products you intend on selling, but do so at a VERY slow pace. If you're selling shoes, sell 1 pair, and wait until it sells before listing another one. Do this for the 6th and 7th week. You can list a few different products, but wait until they sell before listing another etc. Then by the 8th week and on you can start doubling the amount of listings you're putting up. Wait until those sell and you receive feedback before listing more etc. This should paint a very clear picture of what you have to do to avoid any issues with eBay and PayPal. It may seem slow to you but its absolutely necessary at the start to build a solid foundation. It won't have to be like this forever. By doing all this, you're putting yourself in the best possible position and you will most likely never have issues. You have to gradually do this and naturally grow the history of the account. Assuming your customers are happy and you're shipping fast, and receiving great feedback, you'll have absolutely no issues and your account will last you a life time.

Part 5: Handling your eBay fees

This part is important because its often overlooked and can lead to getting your account suspended. The best way of paying your fees is with one-time credit card payments paid 1-2 days after you show a balance on your account. Don't wait until you're automatically billed, instead just pay the fees as soon as you can. You can purchase visa/mastercard/amex gift cards at most local supermarkets with a balance up to $500. You can register a zip code to them online and then add them to your eBay account to make one-time payments.

The alternative is to use your PayPal account to pay the fees. This is perfectly fine but you have to understand 1 important thing. If you have funds "pending" or on "hold" or don't have the available funds in your PayPal account, it will attempt collecting fees from your bank account. If this happens, your account will get suspended / limited because the bank will deny the request and show the names on the account do not match. You can withdraw money from PayPal to your bank account with mismatching names without a problem, but if it happens the other way around the account is limited / suspended. So if you're going to use PayPal to pay for your fees, ALWAYS make sure you have plenty of available funds to cover them. Setting up the automatic payment option is risky unless you're keeping very good track of the cleared funds available in your account. You don't want to make an easy mistake here that will cost you your account for the sake of saving minutes on payments. Don't mess up here.

Part 6: Handling PayPal and withdrawing money

If you've followed the guidelines up to this point, you should see a small amount of money come into your new PayPal account as you start selling your first few low risk items. Anytime you receive money on PayPal, let it sit for a week before withdrawing or sending it anywhere. You don't want to receive money and immediately withdraw it or send it to another PayPal account. Remember, you don't want to trigger anything with eBay or PayPal, the idea is to stay under the radar and never have issues. So for the 3rd and 4th week when you should be receiving your low risk item sales, let the money sit in the PayPal account and do not withdraw it or send it anywhere else. By the 5th week you should have logged into your PayPal account plenty of times and you're ready to make your first withdrawal to your bank account. Go ahead and withdraw 80% of what you have in your PayPal account to your bank account but never exceed $100 total for your first ever PayPal withdraw. So if you have $100 in PayPal, you'll withdraw a maximum of $80. Follow this pattern of receiving money and waiting at least a week before withdrawing money and then keeping 20% of every withdrawal left in PayPal. This helps PayPal trust you, since you're not withdrawing every single penny. Your 2nd withdrawal ever should be $250 or less, then your 3rd should be $500 or less. Your 4th and 5th withdrawal should stay under $900 until you've established more history on the account. Do not exceed withdrawing more than $3500 on PayPal in 1 month for at least the first 90 days. Never withdraw your complete balance, always leave money behind. After the 6th-8th week, you can start withdrawing money and keeping only 10% of every withdraw left in PayPal. Never receive PayPal "gift" payments and never send them out either. The gift / friends / family option is highly abused by people through PayPal and is not recommended to ever use (always avoid it). This often times will trigger manual reviews and humans will look into the account. Always use "goods" or "services". Again, when you receive payments, never withdraw them right away or send them to another PayPal, always let funds sit for at least a week once they arrive. After you establish history through 3-4 months of activity you'll be able to withdraw several times a week without any issues.

Part 7: Emails and accessing eBay and PayPal from other devices

To make it short and simple... Do not reply to eBay messages through any email client. You can view emails from eBay / PayPal on any email client, just do not ever reply to them through any other means than the ebay.com site. If you're going to view emails on other clients other than the firefox browser you setup, you have to make 100% sure that images are disabled in your emails by checking the settings in gmail / mail. There is an option in every email client that allows plain text with no images. If you're going to view emails from other clients, you have to make 100% sure images are not showing up by disabling the feature. Always respond to messages through the eBay.com messages / my eBay page, and never through email or any other client.

Never access your new account with any phone or any other device like Ipad/tablet. Keep all access to the account from the firefox browser you created, no exceptions.

Part 8: Changing account password / information

If you've waited 30 days and built enough history, you can change your account password. Make sure not to forget it. If you need to change the address you can do that too, just don't change the name on the account as that will trigger flags. If you want to setup an address that can accept returns, you can purchase a UPS box from any UPS store and they will give you their address and a # you can add. Any mailbox store will be similar. If the address they give you is 11 winter st box #520, you will need to input the address on eBay as 11 winter st #520. No need to give any signs that its a mailbox address. UPS / most mailbox stores will still accept the mail for you with #520 without having to put box in the title (just confirm this will work with the mailbox store you're attempting to use). If you change the address, make sure to also add the 2nd address to the PayPal account shortly after as a secondary address. Its not recommended to change any account information as it can lead to manual reviews.

Part 9: US PayPal 200 item / $20,000 yearly limits

These limits are imposed by the IRS for US accounts only. Once you reach these limits in a calendar year you'll be required to input an EIN #. To get an EIN #, you'll want to register an LLC in your state as a single-member. When you register an LLC in your state, you'll be asked to form a company name (for example Winter LLC). Once you formed this LLC, then you go to the IRS home page, and you'll be able to apply instantly for an EIN #. They will require the exact company LLC name you registered (Winter LLC) and then they will give you an EIN # to reflect this company name. Once they give you this EIN #, wait 30 days as that is how long it takes to go "live" and be in the IRS system, then add it to PayPal and provide PayPal with the exact company LLC name you provided the IRS (Winter LLC). PayPal will request a company name and address. The company name you will have now, and the mailing address will be the stealth account information already on the PayPal account. PayPal cannot confirm the LLC address matches, all PayPal can confirm with the IRS is that the company name matches with the EIN provided. And the company name must match 100% perfectly. You must wait 30 days from the time you receive the EIN# from the IRS to add it to PayPal to make sure the IRS has updated their records with the information. Once finished, PayPal will raise the EIN limits and you'll have unlimited receiving limits on PayPal.

UK eBay and UK PayPal accounts do not have these limits. These are US limits and apply to US accounts and there is no way around them. If you cannot provide an EIN # or do not want to provide one once you reach these limits, you're other option is to get more high limit accounts. Its very common to have 5 or even 10 stealth accounts operating at the same time. At the end of the year, these 200 / 20,000 limits will reset and you can start from the beginning again on each stealth account. So its up to you to decide if you want multiple stealth accounts, or fewer stealth accounts with the EIN information to remove the limits.

Part 10: Final notes on what to avoid

If you sell high risk, high priced items right away, chances are you will get suspended or limited. You need to establish history (see guidelines above) before eBay and PayPal will trust you with high risk products for sale. If you sell VERO items, chances are you'll put your account at risk and get suspended or limited. Certain VERO items sold right away will guarantee an automatic suspension. In fact most VERO items if you list right away will automatically suspend your account. If you have too many customers complaining, or receive too much negative feedback, chances are you'll get suspended or limited. Selling too fast and moving money too quickly will get you suspended or limited.

Try to avoid creating listings and then taking them down. Avoid cancelling orders which will lower your overall seller metrics. Avoid returns if possible, offer buyers partial refunds to settle orders in hopes that they will keep the products and not have to return them.

eBay and PayPal is very easy to work with as long as you understand the guidelines above. You need to establish yourself as a low-risk seller before eBay will give you the opportunity to sell heavy volume. This is just business and if you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

There are millionaires being made on eBay every day. They have learned these guidelines over years of trial and error. They have adapted to the way eBay and PayPal work. They understand what to do and what not to do. The real money in sales as you know is high volume / high sales %. So spend a little time initially and invest into making a stable account that will last you forever. Here we are telling you exactly what needs to be done to avoid issues, but its entirely up to you on whether you'll follow it or not. Once we deliver the account information to you, our services are rendered and its your responsibility on what you do with the account / whether you take care of it or not. Its in our best interest to have you selling year round so you can come back to us for more accounts while you expand your sales.

Follow our advice! We want you to be successful on eBay! We've been selling for over 7 years and know what we're talking about!

You cannot rush these accounts. Take your time with them and they will last you forever.

If you need additional accounts in the future, come back to us and we will give you even better deals. We strive on having the best most stable accounts online paired with the best customer service available. We look forward to doing lots of business with you.

Thank you!

-eBay Seller Accounts Team