Getting back on eBay and PayPal isn't easy.

Something happened. You got suspended from eBay or your PayPal account got limited.

You’re devastated, and tried everything to get back on. You tried creating a new account but you realized that your new account also got suspended or banned.

Here’s the problem, and if you listen carefully, I’ll give you the solution.

For whatever reason, eBay or PayPal has banned you. Here’s what happens next. Your details, name, address, email, credit card on file, phone number, images you uploaded and IP address is now blacklisted. If you try creating another account with ANY of those details that were previously blacklisted, your new account will get linked to your previously banned/limited account and your new account will be closed just like your first one. eBay and PayPal now has all the images/pictures you uploaded, your listings and your online footprint is now under close watch, in case you decide to create another account.

So what’s the solution? How do I get back on eBay and PayPal to start selling again? Most importantly, how soon will I be able to be back in business?

The solution is to forget about your old account. Do not register another account with your name, address, credit card, email, phone number or IP address. Delete all images that you previously uploaded and from this point forward, do not register anymore accounts on eBay or PayPal with your details and information.

To get back on eBay and PayPal to start selling again, you’ll need a pre-made seller account, also known as a stealth account, which is created using different information, that has absolutely no tie to you. This information does not lead to anyone, as the information is entirely fictional.

With a stealth account, you will be able to start selling again immediately. There are no delays, and you’ll be able to list your very first item for sale the same day you get your new account. There are different stealth accounts available, depending on your selling needs. One of the many benefits of a stealth account is you can use as many as you want. Multiple stealth accounts is not an issue, since each account has a unique fictional alias.

More details about these professionally pre-made stealth accounts